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There are quite a few new faces in this crap-hole we call home. Granted, I've only been here a short time myself, so I don't feel comforatable welcoming them. Not that I would anyway, but that's the reason. I am not looking forward to the day when our invisible manager fills the third bed in #11. Naruto has his stuff on it, for one thing. He'd have to move it, which means less room for my stuff.

I've only worked at Invisible Cinema, the obscure-movie rental store, for about a week. The routine was easy to master, of course. Come in an hour before opening, check in the returns, put 'em back on the shelf, process anything new and put it on the new-stuff shelf, go insane with boredom for the rest of the eight hours. The computer here has no software except for the inventory/client database, so that's no source of amusement. I've already pestered the owner for a TV to, y'know, watch all these movies while I work, but she refused my humble request as an uncessesary overhead expense.

I hope that at least ONE of these new people has a DVD player so I can arrange a movie night. I wasn't able to bring one with me when I ..well, "ran away" sounds childish, so I will say "when I left my parent's home and ventured off into the unknown on my own without telling anyone beforehand". I did manage to take a few of my personal electronics, such as my darling camera and mp3 player.

Naruto's Magic 8-Ball told me "Better Not Tell You Now" when I asked how things would go for me in the new year. Somehow, I suspect that answer applies to a lot of people here.
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