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Of Symbols

I was looking for one of my old Books this morning, to record another dream. I have to hide it, I don't think anyone should be reading about what sort of things my mind shows me at night. I found it after a while (after getting slightly worried someone had taken it). This morning's dream was that same three-pronged spiral design that I've dreamed of since before I can remember. I've never been able to completely decide how I feel about it. Sometimes it scares me, other times it gives me strength. Today is seemed it speak of the future.

As I was putting the Book away, something fell out. It was this weird little scribble Naruto gave me once, I think about the third time we met randomly, by the docks. It looks like a spiral Sun design, with squiggly lines emanating from it. I knew then it was more than a child's drawing.

The reason I'm recording this is because sometimes I question why I agreed to room with Naruto. Yes, we knew each other a little since we hung out a bit as kids, but honestly? It's because I remembered the one day when I didn't feel utterly alone.
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