Sasuke Uchiha (watch_my_world) wrote,
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{OOC: I'm just practicing, I will probably delete this once the game actually starts officially. Consider this that overture song the orchestra plays}

aaaaahh Internet, finally. My laptop died last night, so I walked to the Internet Cafe down the block. I can't keep coming down here every time I need the Internet, but I am sure as hell not going to ask Naruto to use his computer. I can't afford to fix it right now, so I might have to do something extra to make some quick cash. No, Kira, I am not going to follow in your footsteps no matter how tempting the offer. I swear. Who would want me with my hair looking like this, anyway? I miss my styling products. That's the only thing I miss about "home", really, is the material goods.

My time is up, so I'm going to wander around here for a bit. Some chick is staring at me, as usual.
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