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Sasuke Uchiha

(This has now been edited for readability. How do change the name colours all at once?)

Naruto:Helloooooooo Sasuke! xD
Naruto says:I'm now Naruto
Sasuke:Hello Naruto. It's not enough we live together?
Naruto says:No
Sasuke:You know, someone asked me why I was living with a guy if I was straight and I didn't know what to say.
Naruto says:Roommates?
Sasuke:Yes, but there's that girl with pink hair I could have roomed with.
Naruto says:D: Leave Pink Muffin out of this
Naruto says:This is between you, me, and the big, bright shinny library in the sky
Sasuke:Speaking of, the newest issue of Martha Stewart Living is at the Library for you.
Sasuke:you might want to read her tips on cleaning up.
Naruto says:Cleaning is for clean people
Naruto says:Live like a MAN Sasuke! Like a MAN!
Sasuke:You mean sit on our couch in my underwear, drinking beer, like Kakashi?
Naruto says:Certianly not! We are not old enough to drink =D
Sasuke:I'm 20.
Sasuke:you just ACT not old enough to drink
Naruto says:Kekeke
Naruto says:I love you, too, man
Naruto says:Kekeke. Search you're un-manly feelings, Sasuke, you KNOW it to be true!
Sasuke:What is that, Star Wars? You dare quote such a mainstream shitty excuse for a film at me?
Naruto says:Yes, Messr Doom n' Gloom
Sasuke:Indeed. Which reminds me, if you aren't going to watch that film I recommended to you, at least give it to me so I can return it. I am afraid to venture into your bedroom, lest I be eaten by mold.
Naruto says:Speaking of my bedroom, I'm fairly sure my lamp started dating the mold creature that lives in my closet. Not quite sure, though. I think Lamp may still love Desk. Hey, and I watched The Spanish Prisoner! It was... different
Naruto says:But good
Sasuke:Different is the point! Why suffer the same things, all the time. I am glad I finally found something you could tolerate. Lamp's love for Desk may explain why it is glued on.
Naruto says:Hey! Stop talking about inanimate object-porn! 'Lamp glued to Desk', indeed... And Mamment is... well, more true to life than anyone else is. But I loved the end. "No one suspects the Japanese tourists" so true, so true xD
Sasuke:I suspect the Japanese tourists photograph the structures of landmarks for future acts of global colonization. I was quite please to find someone else felt the same and documented it.
Naruto says:... Sassy-baby, you have some issues.
Sasuke:what..sassy baby?! I think you are under some delusion about me, Naruto.
Naruto says:No, my dearest Angry Muffin, I have no delusions about you. –winkwink-
Naruto says:-laughs- It's funny how you ALWAYS fall for that
Sasuke:Speaking of funny, may I remind you of those two minutes of your life I captured on film last spring? And may I also remind you I can broadcast it on the closed-circuit TV channel of our apartment building AT ANY TIME?
Naruto says:I would also like to remind you of that one time we were drunk off of our asses, and decided a little crossdressing was in order. I still have the photos, you have not found them all!
Sasuke:..shit, really? I even got back the one you gave to Iruka.
Naruto says:Really -cackle-
Sasuke:Your boundless energy tires me
Naruto says:I could tire you in different ways if you would let me -winkgrin-
Sasuke:.....I have no words.
Naruto says:Speachless, I see? This can only mean one thing! I'll be in your room in less than ten seconds!
Sasuke:And in fifteen seconds you will be crying for mommy and bleeding.
Naruto says:Dearest, I would like to remind you that I'm about two times your size. =D
Sasuke:I heard you talking to Kakashi in the hall and I recall you distinctly telling him that size doesn't matter.
Naruto says:oO I was talking physically, my dear, skinny, boy. But if you -want- to look, you're always welcome =D
Sasuke:I've seen it. Remember when we didn't have a shower curtain and you left the door open since you thought I wasn't home? Yes. Not Impressed.
Naruto says:-sighs- You're so mean to me
Sasuke:I've always been mean to small animals.
Naruto says:-shiff- Sasuke, how could you?
Naruto says:You really shouldn't be mean to yourself.
Naruto says:People will start to say things.
Sasuke:They already do anyway.
Naruto says:-hugs- I love you anyways
Sasuke:You love everyone. You're like Jesus.
Naruto says:Jesus isn't as dirty as I am
Sasuke:Of course he was, he walked in the desert with no shoes. Actually that reminds me of that creepy kid with the tattoo, but is as far from Jesus as anyone.
Naruto says:Yeah. So, any epiphanies lately?
Sasuke:I do have one idea for a new project, yes. However, film is getting on the expensive side so I will have to plan everything very carefully.
Naruto says:Ah, well feel free to hollar if you need any help xD
Sasuke:No, as this is a serious project, your input will not be required.
Naruto says:You are no fun. No fun, Sasuke, no fun D:
Sasuke:Death is never fun.
Sasuke:Well unless you're autoaphixating yourself or something.
Naruto says:Only you would think autoaphixating yourself is fun
Sasuke:I disagree, there are many people who might enjoy it. I suspect Anko has already tried it.
Naruto says:lol. So maybe you can be a little fun. We should try bondage some time, no? kekeke
Sasuke:I am up for anything that involves you immobile and silent.
Sasuke:and by up I mean
Naruto says:-winkwink- I bet you can think of some ways to keep me quiet for a few seconds
Sasuke:A few seconds is easy, I just need to show you some flashing shiny lights.
Naruto says:-sighs- No, Sasuke darling, that was not what I was hinting at
Sasuke:Do you have a small book of endearments that you refence? In this conversation alone you have mistakenly refered to me by five different ones at least.
Naruto says:My darling, why do you shun me so?
Sasuke:Let me count the reasons..
Sasuke:Did I mention I found your underwear in the kitchen this morning?
Naruto says:Really? is it the blue pair? I've been looking for it for a week
Sasuke:Yes, it was the blue pair, but really now the green pair, considering I found it when I moved the fridge.
Naruto says:Damn.

Wait, you moved the fridge? Hah! So you have some strength in you after all!
Sasuke:Besides my obvious physical strength, Naruto, I might mention that it was light because it is your turn to buy groceries this week, which you have neglected to do.
Naruto says:How could I have forgotten food? -blink- Oh well
Naruto says:... and why -where- you moving the fridge?
Sasuke:(damnit! good point. Naruto would always have food. *kicks self*)
Naruto says:(kekeke)
Sasuke:I moved it because I could no longer stand the distressing smell. The source had to be eliminated.
Naruto says:What was the source?
Sasuke:Your underwear, of course. At least, whatever had leaked onto it from the fridge. Why are all of our appliances either broken or barely working?
Naruto says:Because they don't like you D:
Sasuke:Ah. That explains it.
Sasuke:I thought my laptop loved me, but nooo.
Naruto says:Brb. Wank off to your camera or what ever you do.
Sasuke:>.> <.< *innocent look*
Naruto says:Back. Dude, do you actually jerk off to your camera?
Sasuke:If I had, I certainly would not have finished that quickly.
Naruto says:No, I wasn't asking if you did just then, I asked if you have ever wanked off to it
Sasuke:Kira informs me I could make quite a few dollars wanking off to my camera, btw.
Sasuke:Naruto, some things should be kept private, such as a filmaker's relationship to his art.
Naruto says:Kira also says the potatos are going to take over the world.
Sasuke:....well yes, but even fools spout wisdom occasionally.
Naruto says:Sasuke, I think you need to come and hold me... I think my Lamp and Desk are -actually- doing it D:
Sasuke:What does the coppulation of inanimate objects have to do with *me* holding *you*?
Sasuke:Things screw around this place all the time anyway.
Naruto says:Hold me, Sasuke, I'm scared D:
Sasuke:I thought you wanted to be manly.
Naruto says:Yes, but it would be better if those things were you and me D:
Naruto says:I am manly, in my own ways
Sasuke:Sorry Naruto, you simply could not handle me.
Sasuke:Your obvious burning lust towards me must be re-directed.
Naruto says:-sighs- You break my heart, Sasuke, really you do
Sasuke:It adds flavour to the spaghetti.
Naruto says:Just you wait, you will be mine one day!
Sasuke:Only if you choose to defile my corpse.
Naruto says:D:
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